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    Laytranservices LTDis an innovative service is effective logistics solution for the delivery of small cargo. This service is useful for companies various.


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    Delivery Service

    Laytranservices LTDis an innovative service is effective logistics solution for the delivery of small cargo. This service is useful for companies of various effective logistics scale.


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    Delivery Service

    DCT have been providing its clients with the best logistics cargo Services.


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    Delivery Service

    Laytranservices LTDis an international cargo service agency, we deliver way round the globe where ever your destination maybe our ground agency in sub-companies will find and deliver your goods at your door-step.


    International Cargo

    Laytranservices LTDis an innovative service

    Laytranservices LTD is an innovative company with over one hundred thousand sub-companies around the globe, we are in partnership with major delivery companies to make sure your parcel gets to your door-step.

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    Laytranservices LTDhave been able to put up most common questions that our esteem clients ask.

    Anywhere Shipping

    Yes when we say anywhere shipping we mean, no matter your destination our company or sub comapines will get your cargo to your door-step.

    Laytranservices LTDis an innovative service is effective logistics solution for the delivery of small cargo. This service is useful companies of various effective service is effective logistics scale.

    cargo and logistics is the service we provide to you as we transfer you goods from you to your preffered destination

    The main difference between the usage of the words freight and cargo is that any fees charged by the transport carrier are often called freight charges. ... Cargo is typically goods carried by larger vehicles, such as large cargo ships and planes, whereas freight is typically goods carried by smaller vehicles like trucks

    A shipment usually refers to the process of moving goods. It can be made by road, sea or air, since it represents a group of items that will be transported from one place to another once. ... Cargo usually refers to the goods themselves, independently if they are moved by ground, sea or air.

    Laytranservices LTDis an innovative service is effective logistics solution for the delivery of small cargo. This service is useful companies of various effective service is effective logistics scale.

    There are mainly four different kinds of cargo ships and they are classified on the basis of the cargo that they carry, namely; general cargo vessels, multi-purpose vessels, dry-bulk carriers and last but not the least, tankers..

    Cargo Logistics Provides

    Laytranservices LTDis an innovative service effective logistics.

    Laytranservices LTDis an innovative service is effective logistics solution for the delivery of small cargo. This service is useful companies of various effective service is effective logistics scale.

    In economics, the words cargo and freight refer in particular to goods or produce being conveyed—generally for commercial gain—by water, air or land. Cargo was originally a shipload. Cargo now covers all types of freight, including that carried by rail, van, truck, or intermodal container.

    Air cargo is another term for air freight. It is the carriage or the transportation of goods through an air carrier. Transport services via air are the most valuable when it comes to moving express shipments around the globe and it consists of air mail, air freight and air express.

    Our customer service team is available Mon-Fri from 08:00 to 17:00 (except for national holidays). For additional inquiries: Call us at +1 (516) 900-2799 Email us at info@laytranservices.com Live Chat: On the bottom right side of the Laytranservices LTD page, you will find our Live Chat support. Enter your name, email address and simply type in your questions. Please note: The chat is only available during business hours, from 09:00 to 17:00.

    Laytranservices LTDis your contract partner and your single point of contact. For your convenience and peace of mind, we take responsibility for the security of your shipment. For this reason, we coordinate from pick-up to delivery with the selected carrier to ensure timely pick-up and delivery at the locations provided by you.

    With Laytranservices LTD, you can ship anything that may extend over a whole truck, individual pallets, barrels, boxes, handling units or a mix of everything mentioned. However, your shipment must be packaged according to the requirements for load securing and conveying capacity. Loose parts or unsecured goods may be rejected by the driver, while some goods may be excluded due to their hazardous nature. Note: Please read our Terms and Conditions to get more information on what types of goods you are allowed to transport and under what kind of circumstances

    Words Cargo Freight

    Laytranservices LTDis an innovative service effective logistics.

    Laytranservices LTD enables the digital evolution of the road freight industry. We simplify your daily business by helping you switch from manual and offline processes (difficulty in comparing prices, lengthy phone calls, delayed transport updates) to online tools and automated processes (growing network of verified carriers, transparent offers based on your shipment details and real-time track & trace functionalities) with Laytranservices LTD as your contract partner and single point of contact – all at no extra costs.

    The cost can change after booking only under the following circumstances: Significant deviation in the details of the shipment (weight, volume, number of packages etc.) Changes in the pick-up and delivery address Charges for waiting time or additional services requested

    We offer you various payment methods – at the moment you can use: credit card Paypal direct debit instant transfer We will continuously add payment methods. Laytranservices LTD guarantees you a safe and fast payment process.

    Please contact customer service so that the changes can be checked there. You can change the contact details of the sender and recipient at any time until the collection under “Change contact details of contact persons…” in the corresponding shipment. info@laytranservices.com

    At Laytranservices LTD we guarantee complete transparency! This means that you will always have the possibility to download all invoices/documents of all transports you have ever done on our platform. To download the documents, simply select the desired transport in your personal dashboard and click on “Details”. You will now find all documents under the heading Transportation Documents.

    It is not possible to make further changes if you already posted the transport request. However, you are not obliged to choose any of the existing offers, so you can resubmit the transport request with the new changes.

    Shipping Lines

    Laytranservices LTDis an innovative service effective logistics.

    It is your responsibility as the shipper to issue the bill of lading.

    In the event of damage, please make sure to record the damage on the delivery receipt. Should the possibility exist to make pictures of the goods immediately. Then report the damage to customer service by e-mail: info@laytranservices.com In order for us to be able to forward the damage to our recourse department, we require the following documents from you: – Photos of the damaged goods – Invoice to Laytranservices LTD with amount of damage without VAT. (Detailed breakdown of the composition of the amount) – the commercial invoice upon purchase of the goods (as proof of value for the recourse department) – Delivery note (proof of collection) with weight indication – Company letterhead with current bank data – Acceptance receipt (handover at VER) In case of damage, please reject the proof of delivery in your Laytranservices LTD Account. The transport service has taken place and must be paid to the carrier. Your claim will be processed by us on the basis of your damage report.

    Eligible goods must comply with the following conditions: Weight min/max: 31,5 kg/24.000 kg – Secure and clearly marked packaging is necessary. Fit for the purpose of transportation and handling, safe from unauthorized access (no undetected access to goods must be possible) Pallets must be stacked flush on top of each other The goods must be able to be moved by one person safely without damage.

    In the case of valuable or theft-endangered goods, you must inform Laytranservices LTD of the nature and value of the goods and the current risks associated with the transport order. This will enable us to assess whether we can offer an appropriate price and take appropriate measures to ensure safe and damage-free transport. Valuable goods are those that have an actual value of at least 50 EUR per kg or 10,000 EUR per packaged item or per shipment at the time and place of acceptance. If the value of the goods exceeds 10,000 EUR, Laytranservices LTD does not currently offer any additional insurance. For insurance details or further information please contact our customer service team at info@laytranservices.com .

    Yes. Laytranservices LTD has ensured its ADSp liability, or the applicable legal liability. We operate exclusively in accordance with the Allgemeine Deutsche Spediteurbedingungen 2017 – ADSp 2017 – (German Freight Forwarders’ General Terms and Conditions 2017) and -if they do not apply for performing logistics services – with the Logistic-AGB (General Terms and Conditions of Logistics-Services Providers), as of March 2006. In clause 23 the ADSp 2017 deviates from the statutory liability limitation in section 431 German Commercial Code (HGB) by limiting the liability for multimodal transportation with the involvement of sea carriage and an unknown damage location to 2 SDR/kg and, for the rest, the customary liability limitation of 8,33 SDR/kg additionally to EUR 1,25 million per damage claim and EUR 2,5 million per damage event, but not less than 2 SDR/kg. Please note: If the value of goods exceeds 10,000 EUR, Laytranservices LTD currently does not offer any additional insurance.

    Laytranservices LTD verifies carriers according to the DHL’s Supplier Code of Conduct to ensure a safe, reliable and transparent transport process. As a result, each and every carrier who submits an offer for your transport request will be able to do so only if he has been verified and thus, passed the same quality check mandatory for all the transport companies using the platform. Additionally, you can give us a short feedback on how satisfied you were with the transport services provided and help others assess the reliability of other transport companies.